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Kitchen Cabs Direct is the leading supplier of the best kitchen cabinets in Verona, New Jersey. The cabinet experts of Kitchen Cabs Direct have been working closely with homeowners in Verona, New Jersey for several years to help them select the right kitchen cabinets to suit their needs. Need help making a decision? Come to our kitchen cabinet showroom at 86 Ackerman Ave in Clifton!


Just a few reasons why we are the best option.

  • Best Wholesale Kitchen Cabinet Prices in Verona
  • You can see a demo design of your kitchen before you purchase
  • We have our own showroom about 10 miles from Verona
  • Free kitchen cabinet estimates
  • We carry other kitchen products such as granite, tile and other countertops
  • We will deliver and assemble your cabinets

Call us today at (201) 655-2240 to make an appointment or come by our New Jersey showroom!


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    We offer a wide range of affordable wholesale kitchen cabinets at the best prices in Verona, New Jersey that are perfect for any type of kitchen. You can also visit our showroom to see our highest quality collections of kitchen cabinets in Verona.

    Kitchen Cabs Direct provides the finest custom kitchen cabinetry anywhere in Verona, NJ. With a balanced approach on both design and craftsmanship, we listen to the ideas you have for your kitchen design and how you hope to use your living space. We look at the architecture of the kitchen and the layout and we ensure your kitchen cabinet design compliments your lifestyle.

    The kitchen is the most important room in the new, modernized home. Hence why you need the best kitchen cabinets that your money can buy. And cabinets, more than anything else, can determine the style and feeling of a kitchen. Of course, countertops, flooring, light fixtures, appliances and wall tile all play an important role. But your style and design choice of kitchen cabinets is what establishes the look and mood of your kitchen.

    Call us today at (201) 655-2240 for a free kitchen cabinet estimate as well as a free demo of what your kitchen will look like anywhere in Verona!


    white shaker kitchen cabinets in Verona NJ
    Pictured above is our collection of beautiful and affordable White Shaker kitchen cabinets.  This collection has been one of our most popular choices of kitchen cabinets by Verona homeowners.

    Visit our showroom where we showcase all of our custom and unique kitchen cabinets.  Check out our gallery to see our extensive collection of kitchen cabinets.

    All of our kitchen cabinets are carefully crafted with care to offer the utmost in quality for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that your cabinets look and feel perfect to make your kitchen truly stand out without the high price tag.

    Call us today at (201) 655-2240 for a free kitchen cabinet estimate as well as a free demo of what your kitchen will look like anywhere in Verona!

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    Kitchen Cabs Direct has just moved most of their operations to Clifton, NJ which is less than 10 miles away from Verona.  We have our main showroom conveniently located for customers to come visit at 86 Ackerman Avenue in Clifton. Lots of parking is available.  

    Kitchen Cabs Direct has been providing different kitchen cabinet services for residents all around Verona. Over time, the residents have gotten to know us and have recommended us several times for many different types of kitchen cabinet projects.

    Need Assistance! Phone (201) 655-2240 Line Showroom: 86 Ackerman Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011