The Best Kitchen Cabinets in Clifton, New Jersey


Kitchen Cabs Direct is the leading Wholesale Supplier of Kitchen cabinets in Clifton, New Jersey. The experts of Kitchen Cabs Direct have been working closely with homeowners in Clifton, New Jersey for many years to help them select the right kitchen cabinets to suit their needs. Need help deciding which cabinets to choose from? Come by our showroom. We are located right in Clifton at 86 Ackerman Avenue.

Kitchen Cabinets is your 1 stop shop for Wholesale kitchen cabinets in Clifton, New Jersey!

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  • Best Wholesale Prices on Kitchen Cabinets in Clifton, NJ
  • We’ll deliver cabinets to your home in Clifton
  • We have our own showroom right here in Clifton
  • You can see a free demo of your kitchen and cabinets before you purchase

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    Best Wholesale Kitchen Cabinet Prices in Clifton

    At Kitchen Cabs Direct, we offer a wide assortment of affordable wholesale kitchen cabinets at the best prices in Clifton, New Jersey. We are located at 86 Ackerman Avenue in Clifton, New Jersey. Come visit our showroom to see our collection of cabinets.

    With a balanced approach on both design and craftsmanship, we listen to the ideas that you have for your kitchen design and how you want to use your space. We look at the architecture of the kitchen and the layout and we ensure your kitchen cabinet design compliments your lifestyle.

    The kitchen cabinets that you get from us will be as functional as they are beautiful. Our cabinets are built for long lasting durability. We offer a wide range of colors and styles to allow you to choose what fits your kitchen the best.

    Call us today at (201) 655-2240 or just swing by the Clifton showroom and check out our collection of kitchen cabinets.

    Beautiful Wellington Cinnamon & Ivory line

    wellington cinnamon ivory
    Above is our line of Wellington Cinnamon and Ivory kitchen cabinets, which has been one of our most popular choices of kitchen cabinets by customers in Clifton.

    Visit our showroom where we showcase all of our custom and unique kitchen cabinets.  Check out our gallery to see our extensive collection of kitchen cabinets.

    All of our kitchen cabinets are carefully crafted with care to offer the utmost in quality for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that your cabinets look and feel perfect to make your kitchen truly stand out without the high price tag.

    Call us today at (201) 655-2240 for a free kitchen cabinet estimate as well as a free demo of what your kitchen will look like anywhere in Clifton, New Jersey!
    We Love Working in Clifton, New Jersey

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    Kitchen Cabs Direct has just moved most of their operations, as well as our showroom to Clifton, NJ.  We have our main showroom conveniently located for customers to come visit at 86 Ackerman Avenue in Clifton. Lots of parking is available.  

    Kitchen Cabs Direct has been providing different kitchen cabinet services for residents all around Clifton. Over time, the residents have gotten to know us and have recommended us several times for many different types of kitchen cabinet projects.