Granite Countertop Advantages

Is it time for new kitchen counters? Maybe you’ve got Formica countertops that haven’t been changed since the 1960’s, maybe a butcher block counter that’s seen better days, or a farmhouse sink with chipped and worn porcelain. If you’re researching options, it’s probably doing more to confuse you than help. There are more options now than ever before — Corian, cultured stone, granite countertops, and more. As it happens, a granite countertop is an excellent option for several reasons.

First of all, consider durability. Corian is very popular, but like those old Formica countertops, it has disadvantages. It stains and scratches easily, and doesn’t handle heat well. If you’re clumsy (and all of us are sometimes), a dropped glass or knife can do serious damage. Cultured stone and quartz countertops offer beauty, but they’re difficult to repair, and prone to heat damage because of the resin that’s used to bind the quartz. Granite, on the other hand, is impervious to heat and most impacts.

Second, if properly treated and sealed, granite is easily cleaned. Its durability means that it’s low maintenance, handling everything from a pot of spaghetti straight off the stove, a roasting pan that’s just come out of the oven, or the occasional beverage spill with ease. It resists staining and seepage, so you spend more time enjoying your countertops and less time worrying over them.

Finally, consider style. While granite doesn’t have the uniformity of quartz or man-made materials, for many people, that’s a big part of its appeal. Your granite countertop is usually fashioned from a slab of granite, each with its own unique coloration. It complements nearly any decor, whether your kitchen is the height of Danish Modern, or has a more rustic feel.

The bottom line: if you’re looking for a countertop that has strength and durability, and that might well outlive you, a granite countertop is worth serious consideration. It’s stylish, durable, and easy to maintain. Since proper installation (and especially proper sealing) is key to having your countertops look their best, we suggest leaving the job to a professional. Call Kitchen Cabs Direct today. We’ll schedule a consultation and get you on your way to the right kitchen for your style and budget.