Choosing The Right Fireplace

Now that we have entered fall in New Jersey, the cold weather and winter is on the way.  On a cold winter night there’s nothing like cuddling up in front of a fire with a loved one. The warmth from fireplaces are welcome on chilly days, and the scent of the burning wood adds a cozy ambiance to a home. Fireplaces make great gathering spots and many families enjoy lounging around the fireplace in the evenings to talk or watch television together.

Fireplaces are also attractive and add character to a home. A beautiful fireplace can be the focal point of a room, or the homeowner might choose to downplay the fireplace. Fireplaces designs should complement the style of the room. A fireplace covered in floral designs will look out of place in a room decorated in a sleek, modern style. Thought should also be given to the size of the fireplace, since a large fireplace will overpower a small room and a tiny fireplace will get lost in a cavernous room. There are many different fireplaces designs and styles to choose from to accentuate a room and express the homeowner’s personality, and we’ll discuss a few popular options.

Brick fireplaces

Bricks are a traditional choice for fireplaces designs. Beautiful, functional and easy to replace, bricks add a homey, old-fashioned feel to a room. Aging brick fireplaces can be spruced up with a coat of paint. While any bricks can be used for the surround, only firebricks should be used in the firebox.

Marble and Granite

Granite and marble are popular materials used in today’s fireplaces designs. Granite fireplaces are handsome, durable and easy to clean. There are a number of different colors of granite fireplace designs to coordinate with a room’s décor. Marble fireplaces are elegant and lovely and can add a sophisticated touch to a home. Some marble fireplaces are elaborately carved with beautiful designs.


Tiled fireplaces designs can add a splash of fun and color to the fireplace. The tiles can cover the surround of the fireplace and can be chosen in a variety of designs. For a romantic room filled with lace you might choose tiles featuring pretty floral patterns, while tiles with brightly colored geometric shapes might better suit a contemporary style room. Tile can also be used to cover the brick and give a new look to an older mantel that is past its prime.

Outdoor fireplace

Many homeowners are installing outdoor fireplaces designs. Outdoor fireplaces can turn an ordinary deck or patio into something special. With patio furniture such as comfortable chairs and a dining table and chairs, the patio becomes an additional living space, ideal for entertaining friends and family. The outdoor fireplace can make the space a great place to spend time on cool summer nights, chilly spring and fall days and even in the winter.