Getting a handle on cabinet knobs

Did you know that there are special stores all over the world that make a fortune out of selling knobs for kitchen cabinets? One may even find the same thing on the Internet with web sites selling just this one product. As you can imagine their popularity became something like: “I’m only buying cabinet knobs from X”. A large variety of models to choose from is created. There are some models that have hundreds of colors or minor design changes (ie: 0.5 cm. longer or one extra line on a side) that make a difference. Some cabinet knobs were never even sold.

Most doors come with a door knob. Just like most of the time, kitchen cabinets come with included knobs, depending on who you purchase your kitchen cabinets from. Why change them you might ask! There are several possible answers. First of all, the most common one stands in design. You might just not like it. In this case you can go to a specialized store and ask for cabinet knobs that can suit your needs. The only real problem that appears is that you can not take the cabinet with you so you do not know whether it will be good or not. One thing also needs to be taken into consideration once in the situation. If you fail to take measurements you might just have to guess. It is hard to guess and this can quickly lead to a waste of time (going to the department store and back) and money (once opened most appliances or smaller parts can not be taken back and changed.

There are different types of kitchen cabinet knobs. First we have the popular glass kitchen cabinet knob. Many people are starting buying glass cabinets. It becomes hard to attach a cabinet knob in this situation, not to mention that one type can not work for all models. Research and proper measuring is the key. If possible write down the brand of the cabinet and take proper measurements. You can even un-mount one and take it with you to the store. It does not matter if we are talking about kitchen cabinet knobs, cabinet porcelain knobs or regular knobs.

Mounting the newly purchased knob can usually be done by anybody without the fear of any problems appearing. First you take down the old knob and mount the new one. This simple process can only be difficult when the new cabinet knob does not fit well in place of the old one. It is better to measure twice before buying. If the new cabinet knob can not be put in place you should not force it. Some can even break the cabinet and this can even lead to a need of full replacement.

Basically, if you break the cabinet door you will have to pay more or even replace the cabinet completely (if the door also breaks away from the side parts). As with anything you should analyze the situation before taking any physical decision.
Kitchen cabinet knobs can be very stylish and can add a special design flavor to any room. If you do not like one there are big chances others will also dislike it. Cabinet knobs are not expensive, easy to install and long lasting. Changing them once in a while might be necessary or esthetically beneficial to the overall look of one’s house.

Granite Countertop Advantages

Is it time for new kitchen counters? Maybe you’ve got Formica countertops that haven’t been changed since the 1960’s, maybe a butcher block counter that’s seen better days, or a farmhouse sink with chipped and worn porcelain. If you’re researching options, it’s probably doing more to confuse you than help. There are more options now than ever before — Corian, cultured stone, granite countertops, and more. As it happens, a granite countertop is an excellent option for several reasons.

First of all, consider durability. Corian is very popular, but like those old Formica countertops, it has disadvantages. It stains and scratches easily, and doesn’t handle heat well. If you’re clumsy (and all of us are sometimes), a dropped glass or knife can do serious damage. Cultured stone and quartz countertops offer beauty, but they’re difficult to repair, and prone to heat damage because of the resin that’s used to bind the quartz. Granite, on the other hand, is impervious to heat and most impacts.

Second, if properly treated and sealed, granite is easily cleaned. Its durability means that it’s low maintenance, handling everything from a pot of spaghetti straight off the stove, a roasting pan that’s just come out of the oven, or the occasional beverage spill with ease. It resists staining and seepage, so you spend more time enjoying your countertops and less time worrying over them.

Finally, consider style. While granite doesn’t have the uniformity of quartz or man-made materials, for many people, that’s a big part of its appeal. Your granite countertop is usually fashioned from a slab of granite, each with its own unique coloration. It complements nearly any decor, whether your kitchen is the height of Danish Modern, or has a more rustic feel.

The bottom line: if you’re looking for a countertop that has strength and durability, and that might well outlive you, a granite countertop is worth serious consideration. It’s stylish, durable, and easy to maintain. Since proper installation (and especially proper sealing) is key to having your countertops look their best, we suggest leaving the job to a professional. Call Kitchen Cabs Direct today. We’ll schedule a consultation and get you on your way to the right kitchen for your style and budget.

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